Festival Schedule of Events

All Top Ten films will screen as one block lasting about 2 hours multiple times throughout the weekend. No matter which screening you attend, you will see all of the Top Ten films that are a part of the Memphis Film Prize competition. When you leave the screening at the end, your festival badge will be punched and you will be eligible to vote. You may only vote after you have seen the films.

You may see the films more than once, but we ask that you wait until anyone waiting in line who has not seen a film has already entered the theater. You will be able to tell who has seen the films by whether or not their festival badge has been punched.

Filmmakers will also be participating in Q&A sessions during the festival. These interviews will take place at a location to be announced and are open to all Festival Passholders. Learn about their experiences shooting their projects in Memphis, as well as more about their creative process as artists. The interviews will run concurrently in the location to be announced while screenings happen in the theater, so be sure to plan which screening you attend so you can also catch your favorite filmmaker on stage!

Friday, August 12th

The festival starts at 3pm on Friday, August 12th at Malco’s Studio on the Square (2105 Court Ave) . There will be the first opportunity for you to trade the ticket you purchased for a Festival Pass or purchase a pass at the Film Prize Ticket Exchange.

Screenings will take place beginning at 4:00 p.m.. You may pick any screening you’d like to attend, but remember, theaters fill up fast – so make sure to show up early and be ready to wait (and have some unscheduled fun in the process). For a full list of screening times, see the schedule below.

Voting will begin after the first screening has concluded. Remember, you may vote only after you have seen ALL TEN films.

Friday Screening Schedule

Malco Studio on the Square – Screen 4
4:00 pm
6:30 pm
9:00 pm
Voting opens after the first screening and closes for Friday after the last screening lets out.

Friday Filmmaker Q&As and Panel Discussions

Malco Studio on the Square – Fireside Room

12:00p2pm – Lifestyle Marketing and Promoting Film
Nick F. Nelson, Liquid Soul Media
Hosted by On Location: Memphis

3:00p5:00p – What’s the Casting Agent Looking For?
Leia Daniels Butler – Casting Agent
Hosted by On Location: Memphis

5:30p7:00p Filmmaker Interviews (Round One)
5:30p – Filmmaker Interview – Edward Valibus, Calls from the Unknown
6:00p – Filmmaker Interview – Glenn Payne, Tinker

6:30pFilmmaker Toast in the VIP Room!

7:00p8:30p Filmmaker Interviews (Round Two)
7:00p – Filmmaker Interview – Nathan Murphy, Bluff
7:30p – Filmmaker Interview – Melissa Sweazy, Teeth
8:00p – Filmmaker Interview – Marcus Santi, Journey of the Son

10:00p??? – Film Prize Karaoke Party
The Cove
2559 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN 38112

Saturday, August 13th

On Saturday morning around 8:00 a.m., the Ticket Exchange and voting booth will re-open at Malco’s Studio on the Square, and films will begin screening again around 9:00 a.m.. The last screening will begin promptly at 9:30 p.m. and all voting will close at midnight.

Saturday Screening Schedule

Malco Studio on the Square – Screen 4
Voting opens after the first screening and closes for Friday after the last screening lets out.

Saturday Filmmaker Q&As and Panel Discussions

Malco Studio on the Square – Fireside Room

9:30a10:15a – Storytelling Drives Filmmaking

10:30a11:15a – Marketing and Distribution in the Indie Film World

11:30a1:30p Women in Film and Media
with Nancy Puetz
Hosted by On Location: Memphis

3:30p–5:30p Faith and Hollywood
Rhyan Lamarr – Writer / Director
Craig Carlisle – Executive Producer
Harry Bryant – Executive Director
Christie Taylor – Writer / Radio Personality
Hosted by On Location: Memphis

5:30p8:00p –  Film Prize Filmmaker Interviews (Round Three)
5:30p – Filmmaker Interview – Christopher Raines, Family Alliance
6:00p – Filmmaker Interview – Kevin Brooks, Marcus
6:30p – Filmmaker Interview – Robb Smith, On Edge
7:00p – Filmmaker Interview – Clint Till, Final Hit
7:30p – Filmmaker Interview – McGhee Monteith, He Could’ve Gone Pro

10pm–??? – Film Prize Afterglow Party
Mollie Fontaine’s
679 Adams Ave, Memphis, TN 38105

Sunday, August 14th

At 11:00a the Awards Brunch will take place at Stone Soup (993 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104) and the winner of the Memphis Film Prize will be announced. Because of limited space, the brunch is reserved for filmmakers and VIP guests only. However, we will be streaming the awards ceremony online at memphisfilmprize.com so you can cheer on your favorite filmmakers!

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